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All things Dance

Since 2007, All Things Dance have been teaching dance to students in Geraldton and surrounding areas. We are committed to helping students learn new techniques and develop new skills which may open doors to future possibilities in the performing arts.

Come along and join the All Things Dance family. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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What We Offer

All Things Dance offers so much more than just dance classes.  Friendships, teamwork, skill development and performance opportunities are all part of the experience at our studio.
We offer a range of dance styles, so have something to suit everyone's needs!



Acrobatic Arts Syllabus

Our Acro classes provide a unique and exciting way to develop strength, flexibility, and acrobatic skills. Taught by our experienced and trained teachers, you'll learn a variety of moves appropriate for all ages, from beginner to advanced level. Join us in our dance school today and unleash your full potential with Acro!

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APDA La'Beaute' Syllabus

Experience the beauty and grace of ballet in our APDA syllabus-based classes. Our expert teachers will guide you through the fundamentals of this classical dance form, while also challenging you to reach new levels of artistry and expression. Whether you're looking to build strength and flexibility, or simply want to improve your technique, our ballet classes are the perfect choice for dancers of all ages and skill levels.



Jason Winters ComDance Syllabus

Contemporary dance incorporates many forms of movement. Students learn to use their body in different ways, which utilises various strengths to showcase technique through their dance. Students will concentrate on timing, floor work, change of direction and balance in class.
Contemporary is a very popular style at the studio which is always evolving and changing.


Hip Hop

Stylised Dance

Hip Hop is a stylised genre, where students dance to pop music which can be either old school, or new. Many students enjoy this class as they can let go and bring out their own interpretation of movements as they dance. Hip Hop is a big part of the commercial dance industry, having people as back up singers/dancers on video clips or even being part of dance crews. 




ComDance Modern Jazz

Jazz is a structured, but fun, class incorporating many different movements, rhythms and musical styles. Modern Jazz is an important core subject for all other types of dance. It builds strength, balance and core stability.

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Musical Theatre

ComDance Theatrical & Performing Arts

This fun-filled class combines dance, drama and singing.
Musical Theatre takes you to inspirational heights, looking at a variety of renowned musical productions. The spotlight is on you!

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APDA Lucidity Syllabus

Lyrical is an emotive form of dance, created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical is performed to music with lyrics, which inspires expression of strong emotions felt as movements complement the words of the chosen song.

Students have the opportunity to participate in APDA Lucidity exams.



ComDance Syllabus

Tap is an excellent way to increase coordination, timing, syncopation and rhythm.

Tap Dancing is so much fun! It is noisy but when you learn how to do it properly the rhythms can be fantastic. Old-time favourite tap dancers are Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, followed by modern dancers such as the Tap Dogs, who made the movie 'Bootmen'. We have tap classes for all ages, from pre-school to seniors, and Adult tap classes too.



Excellence through Effort

Dance exams are a way for us to provide quality dance instruction to all of our students. We follow a range of nationally recognised syllabi that cater for the needs of our students.


Exams help us to ensure that a certain standard is maintained throughout All Things Dance Studio and we can be sure that students are receiving a well-rounded program. Students benefit by having the goal of an exam to keep them motivated, but they also learn from the discipline, dedication and hard work that is required to pass an exam.

Not only is the feedback from the highly qualified examiners beneficial to the students, it also provides parents with an indication of the student’s progress.  Teachers also use feedback to continually improve their teaching techniques and methods. We feel that dance exams provide a positive learning experience and give the students a sense of accomplishment.

  • La Beauté Ballet & Lucidity (Lyrical) program follow the Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA). 

  • Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Musical Theatre students follow The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance (ComDance); the Association is geared towards developing a high level of technique as well as stage presence.

  • Acro students follow Acrobatic Arts Syllabus.


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ATD DYNAMOS (Toddler - PrePrimary)

READY SET MOVE Toddlers - 3yrs
READY SET DANCE (Independent 2yrs - kindy)
READY SET BALLET ( 2yrs - Pre Primary)
READY SET ACRO 3yrs - kindy

Pre Primary Acro

Pre Primary Combo class (Jazz / Tap / Hip Hop)

We are confident in providing suitable and developmentally appropriate programs for the littlest of our dancers. Ready Set Dance makes learning to dance an unforgettable and magical experience – for you and your little star. 

From Toddlers to Pre Primary, our READY SET MOVE, READY SET DANCE , READY SET BALLET READY SET ACRO classes will give your child the chance to dance, gain confidence and shine in a fun, caring and supportive environment.


Our qualified and welcoming teachers give babies, tots, toddlers and young children the chance to dance in their own unique way, having fun and making friends along the way.

We love that we are able to offer a wonderful program called READY SET ACRO. The focus of this program includes learning the acro positions, locomotive skills (jumping, hopping, etc.), balance skills, classroom behaviour skills, movement concepts, cooperation and social skills. The magic is in the repetition, the report cards, colouring pages, imaginary play, fun and games. READY SET ACRO is a collaboration between READY SET DANCE and Acrobatic Arts.

Who We Are

Dancing for all interests!


We cater for a huge range of ages, from toddlers  to adults!

We also have Tumbling and Balance Classes!

 News & Articles

2024 Staff

Miss Abbey - Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Ballet, Ready Set Acro, Ready Set Move, Jazz, Tap,  Contemporary, Musical Theatre,Miss Ella - Ready Set Acro, Jazz

Miss Ella - Jazz, acro

Miss Ellen - Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Ballet, Ready Set Acro, Musical Theatre, 

Miss Emmerson - Hip Hop, Jazz

Miss Jadine - Acro, Conditioning, radar technique

Miss Jordan - Jazz, tap, hip hop

Miss Karen - Comdance exam coordination

Miss Ky - Ballet , Lyrical

Miss Matilda - Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary

Miss Martine - Adult Tap

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