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enrol for 2024

  1. ELEVATE is a unique way for our students to study a Nationalqualification through us, your studio,and Empowerdance Pty Ltd RTO 40397.We are thrilled to be an approved provider withEmpowerdance where our students can use the classes they participate in with us and put them towardtheir Certificate.Each week Empowerdance master trainers conduct our theory classes for our studentsvia an onlineclassroom platformand then allof their theory assessments are uploaded and completed through theonline portal, which students will have access to, using their own login.Certificate III and IV students will have the opportunity to work alongside one of our dance teachersto gain valuable experience for some of their student teaching and teaching units.

  2. Students will also work alongside their peers for group assessments, and the nature of thesequalifications allows the student to have flexibility with their learning and be marked as Competent ornot yet competent.

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