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What is the uniform at All Things Dance?

All Things Dance provides an extensive schedule of learning through exploration, personal discovery, and self-reflection. In every class, our teachers emphasise the strategies and processes involved in understanding the course content. which creates a unique opportunity to prepare our students to live intelligent, thoughtful, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society. Please see our current course offerings below and the required clothing for class.


Modern Jazz Dance

Our Modern Jazz dancers are asked to wear a leotard or dance crop top with leggings or shorts. Loose shirts or singlets may be worn, however there may be occasions where teachers need to see the students' body lines so they may ask that over shirts be removed.
Jazz Shoes are required.

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International Smile - Acro Level 2 (30).


Acro (acrobatics) students need to wear form fitting dance apparel, e.g. leotard or crop top with dance shorts / leggings.

No loose fitting t-shirts or shorts.

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Hip Hop Dance Class

Our Hip Hop students are encouraged to dress the part and really show their individuality! Loose shirts, baseball caps etc ... As some choreography may include floor work, we request that students avoid denim clothing.
Students should wear flat sole runners e.g. skate shoes or volleys.

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Contemporary Dance

As Contemporary Dance is very physical, we ask that all students wear appropriate dancewear. They need to be able to move freely without clothes restricting stretching and fluidity of movements.

Some students will have 1/2 ballet shoes although socks are a great alternative for class.

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Close Up of Tap Shoes

Tap Dance

Our tap classes encourage students to dance in a relaxed and natural way.

Tap Shoes are expected to be worn. 

Students can wear their general class wear or mix up their look by wearing a loose shirt, or pants, adhering to our studio colours.

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La Scala Adagio - SNR Ballet (10).JPG


Ballet students are expected to wear the traditional ballet uniform. 
Students should have their hair done neatly and off their face, preferably in a ballet bun.
Junior ballet students (Preliminary, Sub Junior & Junior) may wear a pink or black leotard with optional ballet skirt in matching colour.


Ballet tights or socks are to be worn with pink ballet shoes.
Intermediate and Senior students are to wear a black leotard, ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. 
When students are ready to wear Pointe Shoes it is essential they are fitted correctly by a ballet shoe specialist.

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What is the uniform at All Things Dance?

Our studio colours are Pink and Black. We are happy for students to wear a variety of styles of dancewear that complement the genre they are enrolled in.

Please see the genre breakdown. 

Studio wear can be purchased at the studio.

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